About Paleo f(x)™

Paleo f(x)™ is an organization dedicated to advancing and promoting the functional paleo approach to health. Our mission is to show how theories of evolutionary health can be “made functional” — turned into real­ world practices that improve human health and wellbeing.

The idea behind Paleo f(x)™ came about in August of 2011. Founders and owners Michelle and Keith Norris were on the flight home from the Ancestral Health Symposium, an annual academic conference. They came away inspired but Michelle was lamenting the disconnect between the worlds of ancestral health theory and practice. Their daily work with clients taught them that there is a pressing need for a conference that helps people understand how to put the theory into practice. And so Paleo f(x)™ was born. In a short 6 months, with the help of an incredible volunteer team, they organized the inaugural Paleo f(x)™, a collaborative symposium that launched in Austin, March 2012.

Our chief focus continues to be our yearly symposium in Austin each Spring, and we have grown considerably each year. Spanning over three days, Paleo f(x)™ features multiple stages and a massive “expo floor.” It has an array of presentations, Mastermind panels, cooking demos, and workshops, all led by cutting ­edge health practitioners, scientists in a variety of fields, coaches and gym owners, New York Times best­selling authors, popular bloggers, community and sustainability activists, and more. It is the largest paleo health event in the world.

The Future of Paleo f(x)™

Though Austin will remain the permanent home of Paleo f(x)™, we will begin hosting satellite symposia in other cities around the world, in the near future. As we grow, we keep in mind that our events are energized by the professionals, volunteers, and attendees that participate and help turn the theory of evolutionary health into a practical model for human health.

We invite you dive headlong into this wonderful journey toward health and wellness. A large and fast­ growing community exists here to guide you along the way. We hope that this journey will not only allow you to achieve the best health and wellness for yourself but also inspire you to seek health for your loved ones, your community, and the world at large.

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world.