Dietary Hormetics: A Little is Great; A Lot is Sickening

by: John Kiefer
John Kiefer - Dietary Hormetics

John Kiefer delivers a presentation on dietary hormetics....

The Top 3 Cancer Myths, And What To Do About Them

by: Joe Johnson

The alternative medicine/ancestral health community has made great strides in addressing cancer (ketogenic diets, etc), but we are still falling short....

Perfect Paleo Strawberry Shake

by: Serenity Heegel

It’s getting hotter here in Austin, Texas, so I'm roasting, baking, and cooking less these days. Instead, I'm finding ways to cool off, like with this shockingly rich and delicious strawberry shake....

When Paleo Isn't Enough- Finding the HIDDEN Cause

by: Reed Davis

Eat, sleep and move according to our ancestral expectations. It is sound advice and the cornerstones upon which good health is built....

Our Great-Grandparents Were Totally Paleo: Six Ways to Improve Paleo Cuisine

by: Russ Crandall

Humans have always attempted to make foods tasty, and we historically have only been limited by the ingredients we had on hand. Despite these culinary constraints, we developed hundreds, if not thousands of delicious and timeless dishes over hundreds of years of refinement....

Eating Grass Fed Meat to Save the Planet

by: Chris Kerston

In this Paleo f(x)™ talk, Chris Kerston of the Savory Institute discusses moving towards a world where all the meat humans eat is raised in a way that heals lands, with the best animal welfare, on profitable family farms. ...

How Networks Bring Down Experts (The Paleo Example)

by: Paleo f(x)™

This is a guest post by Max Borders, co-founder of Voice & Exit. Check it out in Austin this June 20-21....

Seizing the Opportunity: My #PFX15 Experience

by: Paleo f(x)™

This post is by our #PFX15 special guest Gabriella Schneider of Beyond the Bite....

Is Fruit Bad for You? The Truth about Fructose

by: Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Unfortunately, it seems that fructose is in everything today. Fructose can damage the liver and increase the presence of free radicals in the bloodstream. We see it in unhealthy processed and refined foods, foods that are mistakenly thought to be healthy, and of course, in whole fruits....

3 Essential Movements for People Who Sit All Day

by: Chad Walding

Someone asked me recently, “Chad…if you could narrow down the three most effective movements for people who sit all day what would that be”?...