Health Entrepreneurs f(x)


We're delighted to announce Health Entrepreneurs f(x), a brand new one day special event for health and wellness entrepreneurs!

Taking place the day before Paleo f(x)™ 2016, this mastermind event will bring together leading health and wellness entrepreneurs for a full day of deep discussion on marketing, business development, and strategy on how to crush it at entrepreneurship.

We have six great speakers: Melissa Hartwig, Sarah Ballantyne, Mike BledsoeJohn Durant, Craig Ballantyne, and Abel James.  In addition, Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf will be attending as featured participants.

The event will feature short talks in the morning, in depth small group discussions in the afternoon, and a delicious catered paleo-friendly lunch and dinner.

With structured opportunities throughout the day to meet and interact with the other participants and speakers, this event is not merely about absorbing great information — although there will be plenty of that! The entire event is designed from start to finish to foster dialogue, idea exchange, networking, and new opportunities.

The entire event will take place in a vibrant urban co-working space near downtown Austin.

Who Should Apply?

The event is designed for health entrepreneurs at all stages, from those just starting new businesses to those who are already quite successful and are looking to take things to the next level.

Are you a business owner, gym owner, professional blogger or author, app developer, or anyone else in the health and wellness business space? This event is for you!


We will offer a number of great perks to attendees, including:

  1. A private Facebook group. Participate in an ongoing discussion, before and after the event, with your fellow entrepreneurs.

  2. Note takers. Because attendees will break into small, speaker-led groups in the afternoon, we will have note-takers present in all groups, and we will send a compendium of notes taken from all sessions, to all attendees.

  3. Catered lunch and dinner. Shared meals allow even more opportunities for networking and informal discussion!

  4. Complimentary Paleo f(x)™ Soiree Ticket. At 8pm on Thursday, as Health Entrepreneurs f(x) is wrapping up, our space will transition into the Paleo f(x)™ Soiree, our opening night bash. Entrepreneur attendees are invited to stay for this event. 

Apply Early!

In order to create a very intimate event, this mastermind will be limited to just a few dozen participants total. Due to the limited capacity, we're asking those who would like to attend to submit a short application.

In addition, early applicants will get first priority on which speakers they work with in the afternoon small groups.

Agenda, May 26

Time Activity
8:30–9:30am Morning Networking and Coffee
9:40–9:50am Welcome
10:00–12:30 Main Talks
12:30–1:30pm Catered Lunch (included)
1:30–3:15pm Small Group Session One
3:30–5:15pm Small Group Session Two
6:00–8:00pm Cocktails & Networking, Dinner (included)

Limited Capacity!

Very limited capacity, so apply today! Tickets are $999 each, all-inclusive.