Strength & Conditioning

We're serious about fitness! Paleo f(x)™ delivers the goods when it comes to fitness, strength & conditioning, and natural movement. Check out our lineup, and join the fun.

Dedicated Strength & Conditioning Area

The center of our enormous Paleo f(x)™ Expo floor is a dedicated Strength & Condtioning area featuring demonstrations and workshops by world-class coaches and atheletes. Whether you're a competitive athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, or just a curious person looking to get more fit and learn a proper kettbell swing, we've got your fix.

Previous speakers and workshop teachers have included: Robb Wolf, Ben Greenfield, Jen Sinkler, John Kiefer, Dr. Kirk Parsley, Dr. Mike Nelson, Dr. Andy Galpin, Coach Christopher Sommer, Eva Twardokens, Timothy Olson, James Fitzgerald, Dutch Lowy, Darryl Edwards, Menno Henselmans, David Dellanave, Dan Edwardes, and more!

See the 2016 speaker lineup. Note: Speakers will be added through May. We expect 100+ speakers and workshop leaders in 2016.


Paleo f(x)™ Fit Score

Paleo f(x)™ and realFit present a new, breakthrough fitness scoring system: The Paleo f(x)™ Fit Score. Participation is free for all of our attendees.

What is your overall fitness level? How far is your training really taking you? Accurate, cutting-edge, and created with safety in mind, The Paleo f(x)™ Fit Score was designed by our team of experts, and certified by realFit, to help you answer those questions.

Each participant gets a detailed assessment of their individual results and overall Fit Score. You can track improvement even after the event. In addition, you can compare your Fit Score against others, including celebrity athletes. Fit Scoring takes place only on the Paleo f(x)™ expo floor.


Workshops with the Masters

Looking to perfect your squat or nail your kettlebell swing? Want to take your training to new levels of intensity and fun with gymanstic movements or primal play? We offer a variety of hands on movement workshops, taught in a small group setting, on our expo floor. Some sessions are free for all attendees, others are a small additional fee.

From brand new beginners to experts, all are welcome!

Sessions are taught by our 2016 Speakers. Stay tuned for the full lineup, TBA!


Connection, Networking, and Fun

Paleo f(x)™is more than just an chance to learn; it's a chance to make new friends and connect with hundreds of likeminded people who are passionate about fitness, movement, and health. Our networking sessions include a dedicated session for health and fitness professionals. Learn more about all of our social opportunities.

Don't miss the epic fun!